Tekuben Approved

What is Tekuben Approved?

We created Tekuben to be a helpful resource to reference when you’re shopping for carry on luggage. There are a lot of choices to consider when shopping for a bag, so we’re helping by narrowing the choices down. Tekuben Approved is a list of all bags that we would recommend after personally reviewing them. We think in terms of “best in class” and hope our work identifying such products help you make an informed purchase.

The list of Tekuben Approved bags is expressed through the store front below, courtesy of the tools made by Amazon. Any purchases made on Amazon through the links below will go towards supporting our work here at Tekuben. Whether you make a purchase on Amazon through the links below or not, we thank you for visiting our website and hope you find the information we have here helpful.



What qualities does a bag have to possess for us to recommend it?

There are 3 main things we consider before we stamp a bag as Tekuben Approved:


The best luggage is one that is light. Since we focus our attention on evaluating carry on or cabin luggage, weight is an important attribute to consider when deciding if a bag is recommendable. Given the weight restrictions that many airlines impose on carry on luggage, a lighter bag is preferred to a heavier one because whatever weight that is saved can be used to pack more items. The benefit of a lighter bag can also be felt during usage as a heavier bag may not be as agile as a lighter bag.


We like bags made to high standards of workmanship and with high quality materials. We like bags that inspire confidence in the traveler that it won’t fall apart easily. When reviewing a bag’s durability, we consider the quality of the zippers, wheels, telescopic handles, stitching and fabric/material.


Ultimately, Tekuben Approved bags offer the best value for the money. A $500 bag should have more features and offer more benefits than a $100 bag but does it offer more than other $500 bags? We recommend bags that offer the most for what you’re spending.